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  1. Happy New Year Paul.
    Just read your Year end review with interest. You missed a couple of your winners one of I benefitted from - thank you
    BOY - rose from 325 to 452
    RSW - rose from 1270 to 2070
    A further donation to your charity will be made with part of the proceeds.
    Best wishes

    1. Hi John,

      I just checked back, and you're right!
      As there have been so many shares mentioned in my morning reports, I haven't actually tracked which ones did well subsequently, and which ones didn't.
      Maybe that is enhancement I could make to the site in 2013, i.e. set up a spreadsheet to note the performance of shares that I like, and ones that I don't, and see if there is any out-performance on the ones I like?

      Thx v much re the charity donation, much appreciated!

      Cheers, Paul.

  2. There's lots of shares I've 'liked' but not bought. I 'liked' GKP at 4p and was at the point of purchase when I decided better of it. Who needs a 50-bagger anyway. I think you should stick to reporting performance on shares you actually have the conviction to buy and sell. Just IMO.

    1. Hi Adam,
      Well that's pretty much what I do.
      The performance table was my "main pick" shares only, which are almost always things that I've actually bought.

      But if I've spent almost a whole day going to London, meeting mgt, taking notes, etc, then it seems a shame NOT to do a write-up, even if I decide against buying the shares (as e.g. with Zytronic).

      It's also a record of my reasoning at the time - often I revisit stocks, so it's handy to have a record of my thoughts at the time, and putting it into a published article really makes you think things through before publishing!

      The morning reports are a quick appraisal of announcements of potential interest that day. So the point of it is to explain which shares I've looked at, and give the reasons for either dismissing the share, or following it up for further research.

      Regards, Paul.

  3. Paul, delighted you have done a deal with Stockopedia - I agree its an excellent enterprise that should prove ultimately successful among the investing community.

    You remain a little cynical on GBO. My own view is that if they had expensed all development costs on their GO Enterprise products the results would have shown an unrealistically pessimistic picture. Of course there have been countless tech companies that have capitalised their development costs only for the software asset built to fail with unpleasant consequences. In this case their big investment is the GO Enterprise BYOD mobile development which has increased its sales over 500%. Still risky, sure, but with a massive upside.

    Regards, David Whitehouse (aka monty9)

  4. Hi Paul
    Sorry to bother you, but I think you have replaced 'Ideas to research' with 'Paul's picks' on your blog. Is there any chance of getting the old list back please? I was working my way through these as an educational exercise, and rather enjoying it.

    1. Hi,
      Sorry about that! The old page I deleted is still on Google's cache here;

  5. Lovely. Thank you.

  6. Hi Paul,
    Wondered how your meeting with AGL went and if you had had time to report on it as you said. I might have missed it as you are spreading around a bit.
    I am a holder/believer and would love to know your thoughts having met the management.
    Thanks again for my daily read

  7. Hi Paul
    Sorry to contact you here, but Stockopedia want me to register to comment on your new site, so have given that a bodyswerve. Regarding Densitron, the court case involves up to £600,000 in unpaid rent, and about £60,000 in unpaid rates. From what I can see the landlord has a relatively strong case, and having refused to enter arbitration, at the very least this will rumble on for a long time. This being the case, it may be best to let this one pass (despite many other positive indicators).

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  9. Hi Paul

    Do you average up or down?
    I ask coz averaging down saved me in tni, but I
    read it's the wrong thing to do.