Broker Recommendation

People often ask me to recommend a good telephone broker, which in my view is essential for small caps, as the spreads are so wide that one needs a decent telephone broker to deal properly inside the spread, and in size that may not be available through an online broker.

I use W H Ireland, and have no hesitation in recommending them, their contact details are below. If you mention Paul Scott's Blog then you will qualify for a substantially reduced commission tariff. In the interest of complete transparency, I receive an introduction fee if/when new accounts transact.

Readers of my Blog will know that I would never recommend any product or service unless I am a completely happy customer myself, which I am.

With a growing number of my friends using W H Ireland too, we are building some useful firepower there, so that we can easily do group deals on small caps as they arise, so it has potentially spin-off benefits other than just being a good broker at a reasonable price.

I also find the Spread Betting service at WH Ireland to be very useful, as it combines the very low commissions of a spread betting product, with improved prices from a traditional telephone broker - the best of both worlds in my experience.

Tel: 0207-220-1682 (Richard Griffiths & Sam Naylor)