Monday, June 18, 2012

Second Post

Just trying out different themes & fonts. This one looks quite nice. Clear. Also will be useful to see how the posts are set out - most recent first I presume?

Let's insert a picture of something random - this is the floral clock, in Palmeira Square, Hove. It's rather nice, don't you think?

I wonder if I can continue writing alongside it, hoorah I can! This is fun already.

The next challenge will be working out how to insert charts. Let's have a go, and see if I can insert a share price chart...

Fantastic, it worked! I just saved the chart as a picture from right-clicking on it from MoneyAM, and then it was a doddle to upload it here.

It includes the copyright notice for MoneyAM, so hopefully I've not broken any rules here. If I have then it was accidental.

TNI is in my opinion, the cheapest and most misunderstood share on the UK market right now. A multi-bagger in the making hopefully.


  1. aha the floral clock - just around the corner from me! we must break bread and drink wine.

  2. Sounds good - I live in Western Hove, so only a few minutes from Palmeira Square! Breaking bread & drinking wine sounds a wonderful idea!

  3. paul i sent you a message on advfn

  4. Hi uki220 - I saw your msg on advfn, but it won't let me reply on advfn & I don't really want to use their msg system - just email me instead.

  5. I mailed you at googlemail - is that the right one? i picked it up from one of your 2009 postings on TMF