Monday, July 16, 2012

Mon 16 Jul - morning report

Good morning!
Normal service has resumed this week, as I'm gradually overcoming the chest infection which scuppered last week. So here is my usual quick review of this morning's RNSs of interest to me.

Jam tomorrow tiddler Plant Impact (PIM) serves up another poor set of results, with £2m turnover, and a £2m loss. Oh dear, bargepole time. Of course the company still has an "exciting future". Hmmm.

I've never invested in a stockbroker, and am not likely to start, despite today's results from Arden Partners (ARDN). The £11m mkt cap minnow does at least announce a continued strong balance sheet, and a resumption of small divis. Profits are down though, and it's difficult to see why stockbrokers still exist, given the ease of internet trading.

Recruitment company SThree (STHR) interims look lacklustre, with profits down 17%, although they have an H2 weighted year, so that might exaggerate the interim decline. A PER of 16 looks toppy for a poor performance. They pay out almost all earnings in divis, which is handy. I'd be happier paying a PER of 10, so will avoid this one!

Perennial loss-maker, Clean Air Power Ltd (CAP) has a glimmer of hope for long-suffering shareholders today, with a positive trading statement stating "revenues significantly ahead". Might be worth a look if you like blue sky things. I note shrewdies Hargreave Hale are a 7.4% shareholder, and they're not daft.

A broadly in line trading statement from software company Sage Group (SGE).

Had a quick glance at poor results from SnackTime (SNAK) - doesn't look good. Small vending businesses never work, so will not be pursuing this one.

That's it, rather a scrappy morning with rather flakey companies reporting. FTSE 100 Futures are set for a +14 start, so that doesn't sound too stressful. Have a good week everyone.

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