Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wed 15 Aug - ECK, HNT

Good morning! Slightly late again today, apologies. Bit of a sore head after wedding yesterday!

Automated phone call company Eckoh plc (ECK) have issued a positive trading update, with new contract wins coming from channel partnerships. They finish by saying;

"The Board therefore remains confident of continued growth in the current financial year and foreseeable future."
I used to hold Eckoh shares a few years back, and they went nowhere, with me finally selling in frustration, but knew it was a good company. They've risen nicely since then, and are now 14p - which according to advfn's data puts them on a mkt cap of £10.4m, and a PER of 11.

Got internet connection problems here on Iona, so am having to re-write this section. Interims from Huntsworth (HNT) look pretty good - so I've added them to a new page on this Blog called "Ideas to Research", so that's a memo pad for things that look good at first glance, where I don't have time to follow up immediately.

That's about it today for small caps that are within my remit. Off to enjoy the sunshine here on Iona, going to rent a bike & check out the rest of the island. Absolutely stunning place - here's a link.

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  1. Enjoy your day. :) You know, when you mentioned Iona, I suddenly was thinking of Greek islands, somewhere nice and warm and... it is in Scotland... :)