Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Holding comment - 3 Oct 2012 - TNI, IND,

Dear readers, I can only apologise for the intermittent nature of my morning reports lately, this is due to a number of factors.

Firstly it's pretty demanding having to make snap decisions on numerous sets of accounts every morning, especially as I try really hard not to make any mistakes, so end up whirling around from website to website checking figures at 7-9am. Only got so much mental capacity, and maybe I reached it last week?

Secondly, the flurry of 30 June results is now coming to an end. So the pace is going to soften a bit in between. Mum commented on the telephone yesterday that she thought my Blog was, "a bit rubbish", or something similar on Monday, so sorry Mum! ;-)

Thirdly, I've been just bowled over by the fantastic success we're having here with my main stock picks. Trinity Mirror (TNI) has vindicated my analysis, and has more than doubled from 25p to 66p. Of course people are top-slicing on the way up, simply because one's portfolio becomes so ridiculously overweight in a stock like TNI when it more than doubles, you have to top-slice a few on the way up. That's just good practice. Personally I can't sell many, as it's still so cheap on a PER basis of 2.5! But I have top-sliced, as always. Standard policy.

Also, I love seeing my own analysis being copy pasted into the press now the shares in TNI are 66p, who didn't touch it when it was at 25p a few weeks ago. BLOODY SHEEP!
(Edit: actually, on reflection that is unfair. The reality is that journalists are stretched so thin these days, that they simply don't have time to do anything other than copy/paste content found elsewhere).

Also encouraging is the big rise in IndigoVision (IND), which again was well trailed here on the day of results.

I technically still hold 2.2% of IND, so am obviously talking my own book, as everyone does. Always assume I own shares in the companies I talk about - as everyone on bulletin boards does, so nothing new there.

Apologies for being too pre-occupied with things to do my morning reports. Normal service will resume next Monday!

Also, my friends in London took me to the 38th floor of the Heron Tower for drinks (there are several great bars up there), and WOW, WOW!!! Is all I can say. Stunning views of London. Looking DOWN on the Gherkin!
If you haven't already, go if you can. £5 for a Japanese beer, I can live with that, given it's been swished up 200 metres, and my pee is swishing down 200 metres, taking somebody's eye out at the bottom! lol

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